Traditionnaly, two types of wood



Natural forest, wide grain, pedunculate – Timber forest, fine grain, sessile

Formerly, wood for Cognac was sourced in the Limousin or Tronçais forests.

These two forests present opposite characteristics :

  • Wide grain pedunculate oak,  growing in natural forest  (Limousin);
  • Fine grain sessile oak,  growing in a timber forest (Tronçais)

Wide grain pedonculate oak, contributes more tannins, while fine grain sessile oak, more aromatic compounds: methyl-octalactones (wood, coconut), eugenol (cloves), etc. Each house chooses the oak it will use to age its eaux-de-vie based on the style of Cognac it is seeking to produce.

Type Limousin : pédonculé, gros grain

Natural forest, wide grain, pédonculate

Type "Tronçais" : sessile, grain fin

Timber forest, fine grain, sessile