Moisture level of the cellars


The relative evaporation of alcohol and water depends on the humidity of the cellars.

Dry cellars: Drier, more alcoholic eaux-de-vie

Chai secIn a dry cellar (relative humidity between 40 and 60%), evaporation mainly affects the volume, with loss of water.

The alcohol content by volume hardly varies.

The resulting eaux-de-vie are drier and have more character.

Humid cellars: Rounder, mellower eaux-de-vie

Chai humide

In a humid cellar (relative moisture level between 90 and 100%), evaporation mainly affects the alcohol.

Alcohol content can drop noticeably.

Eaux-de-vie aged in humid cellars are described as mellow and round.

In the region, you can find cellars both along the banks of a river and on the upper floor of a winegrowing estate.