Traditional use of the horizontal basket press or the pneumatic press

Grape bunches are pressed immediately after picking, in in traditional, horizontal basket presses or pneumatic presses.

The juice obtained is fermented immediately.

Progressive extraction of juice, reduced amounts of gross lees and minimal oxidation of the must

A good pressing should meet 3 requirements:

● Qualitative requirement: progressive extraction of juices, production of minimal must deposit and low oxidation of the must ;

● Technical requirement: adaptation to harvest rate to avoid holding time that is detrimental to quality ;

● Practical requirement: ease of use and maintenance.

During pressing, the type of equipment and how it is used affect the quality of the must.

Continuous screw presses are prohibited.

Pressing and fermentation are attentively monitored, for they will have a determining influence on the ultimate quality of the eau-de-vie.

For example, limiting production of deposits and their release into the must.

Excessive must deposit is undesirable in Cognac vinification because it can result in an increase in “higher alcohols” (or “fusel oils”) in the eaux-de-vie (which, at high concentrations, result in a loss of elegance in the spirits). This point will be developed in the section “Vinification”.

Pressoir à plateaux

Pressoir à plateaux

Pressoir pneumatique

Pressoir pneumatique