The climate


A privileged geographic location

bords_charenteThe Cognac Delimited Region is located in the north of the Aquitaine basin, along the Atlantic Ocean.

It reaches west to the Gironde estuary and the islands of Ré and Oléron and east to Angoulême and the foothills of the Massif Central.

The countryside is made up of plains and low, rolling hills.

The Charente River crosses the region, with smaller rivers running into it: the Né, the Antenne, the Seugne…

An even, temperate oceanic climate

vignoble_Cognac_atlantiqueThe oceanic climate is temperate and fairly even across the area, except along the coast.

Due to proximity to the ocean, rain can fall at any time of the year (although it tends to be heavier during winter).

Consequently, drought is rare and the vines have a consistent source of water.

The average annual temperature is about 13°C (55°F), with relatively mild winters.

Temperatures are high enough to ensure grapes reach full maturity, but not so hot as to burn them.

Températures et précipitations à Cognac