The Delimited Region


Approximately 75,000 ha of grapevines for Cognac production

Le vignoble du CognacThe vineyards dedicated to Cognac production cover approximately 75,000 ha. The production area extends across four French departments: Charente-Maritime, a large part of the Charente and several villages in the Dordogne and the Deux-Sèvres.

The total surface area of the Delimited Region is in excess of a million hectares; the agricultural surface area is in the order of 700,000 ha and the total vineyard area covers about 79,000 ha, 95% of which is used in Cognac production (about 75,000 ha ).

The rest is used for making red or white table wine, sparkling wine and grape juice.

The region is divided into 6 crus

carte_crus1In the mid-19th century, Henri COQUAND (1811-1881), a professor of geology, studied the region’s geology and, working with a taster, developed and confirmed a soil classification based on the quality of eau-de-vie that each soil could produce.

Their work led to the delimitation of different crus, or growing districts, around 1860. This would serve as a basis for the 1938 Decree, delimiting the crus we know today (the regional Appellations).