Drying the wood


The “merrains” have a high moisture level. Drying or “seasoning” is indispensable to achieve water content of about 15%

MerrainsAs the “merrains” have a high moisture level, a drying or “seasoning” stage is indispensable to achieve water content of about 15%.

As the woods dries, it shrinks and its volume decreases. Drying is therefore necessary before making the casks, in order to obtain boards that will not shrink once assembly is complete.

If the “merrains” are not dry enough, they continue to dry after the cask is completed, resulting in leaks.

Séchage du bois à l'air libreGenerally stored and dried out in the open, “merrains” are exposed to the weather. Under these conditions, washed of their coarsest tannins, they reach an appropriate moisture level in under a year.

However, the seasoning stage is generally longer, as the “merrains” mature.

This maturation has a positive effect on quality: it yields eaux-de-vie with a more supple mouthfeel and more distinct aromas.