A subtle marriage


The Master Blender: A central role in a Cognac house

Le maître de chaiThe “Master Blender (or Cellar Master) plays a central role in a Cognac house.

It is he/she who, working with his/her team, selects and purchases eaux-de-vie from the winegrowers and oversees them throughout the ageing process.

As soon as the eaux-de-vie are put into barrel, the Cellar Master determines which will be destined for young Cognac and which are suitable for longer ageing.

Finally, it is he/she who will create, in the utmost secret, the blends that make up the signature of each brand.

The blender’s art: A constant quest for harmony and consistency

L'assemblageCombining rigour, experience and intuition, the Master Blender (much like ,the “nose” of a perfume house) creates subtle blends of eaux-de-vie of different ages and crus that will enable the product to conserve not only its full character but also the loyalty of the clientele over the years.

It can not be stressed enough how essential the human factor is in the quality of a bottle of Cognac.

Like distillation, blending is an art – and the perfection of Art is to conceal Art.

Each Cognac is unique

Chaque Cognac est uniqueNo Cognac is like any other. Indeed, by subtly blending various flavours, each Cellar Master strives to create a Cognac capable of seducing scores of enthusiasts.

The result of this delicate operation could be a Cognac with fruity, spicy, floral, or toasty notes, or notes of rancio for the oldest blends.


Blending is an age-old tradition, not a rule imposed in the conditions of the Cognac Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée


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