The distillers


More than 4,000 grower-distillers and a hundred professional distillers

Distillers in the Cognac region include :Bouilleur de cru

● Grower-distillers (bouilleurs de cru) : Those who distill or subcontract the distillation of their wines. The region has more than 4,000 grower-distillers, of whom 1,300 own their own stills. Certain grower-distillers also sell direct (just over 500). The majority sell their eaux-de-vie to the Cognac houses.

Note: In the region, grower-distillers are not itinerant.

Distillerie chez un bouilleur de profession

● Professional distillers purchase wine, distill it and sell Cognac eaux-de-vie. They can also distill for others. There are just over 100 of them.

● There are also several distillation cooperatives.