Charentaise distillation


The features of the Charentais pot still are defined in the specifications for the AOC Cognac.

Maximum boiler load: 25 hl for the “bonne chauffe” (second distillation)

  • 1st chauffe

Alambic charentaisTo obtain the brouillis, the still may have a maximum capacity of 140 hl (with a tolerance of 5%). The load volume of wine is limited to 120 hl (with a tolerance of 5%) .

  • 2nd chauffe

For the “bonne chauffe”, the total capacity of the still must not exceed 30 hl (with a tolerance of 5%) and the load volume is limited to 25 hl.

Boiler heated over an open flame

The boiler must be heated over an open flame according to traditional and customary usage. In fact, distillation over an open flame allows the complementary aromas to come together when the wine comes into contact with the bottom of the boiler.

Maximum alcohol content: 72,4% abv at 20°C

eau-de-vie de CognacOnly those eaux-de-vie that contain a maximum alcohol content of 72,4% abv at 20°C can benefit from the Cognac AOC designation (after double distillation, in the recipient which collects the wine spirit every day).

Distillation completed no later than March 31

The wines must be distilled no later than March 31 of the year following the harvest.

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